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Cassandra Bustamante

Thank you for visiting my page. In the past, Team AMS has run the Marine Corps Marathon and 10K. This year, we have decided to join again as a team except, this time, for the Army Ten Miler which will be held Oct. 7th. I hope you will consider supporting us.

This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Here at the AMS, we are always striving to fulfill the Great Commission, however God calls us...that comes through many ministries including the AMS Co-Sponsored Seminarian Program, faith formation, young adult ministry, youth ministry and many more.

This year I am setting my goal at 1965 in memory of a dear friend and fellow USAFA grad, Ray Bevivino (Class of 1965). May he and his wife rest in peace... Thank you again for visiting my page. :)

Cassandra Bustamante


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